"Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you." James 1:27

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Keeping it strong

Have you ever wondered why so many people are opposed to decisions made for God?  I have heard so many negative comments about our decision to obey God.  I refuse to allow the negative people to cloud my judgement, I refuse to let them bring me down to the miry pit.  People in my life aren't supportive in general, but I am asking God to change that.  Some people are amazing, and very supportive, and so loving to us.  They are few and are very outnumbered, but to them I say this...

Thank you for the joy you are celebrating with us.  I know there aren't enough words in our language to tell you how much I appreciate and love those of you who are happy for the children we will be bringing home someday.  I cherish the ones who support us, for they are doing the work of God.  I am praying for those who don't, because they are trying to stand in the way of His work.  It has been a struggle for me knowing so many people who aren't in favor of adopting.  There are many who judge and many who ridicule.  I am praying that God changes their hearts. 

Adoption is a most difficult thing to go through.  It is hard to have so many strangers scrutinizing every area of your life.  Homestudies, counseling, hundreds of questions, tons of paperwork, waiting, and well waiting.  I didn't come from the best of circumstances in life, and rehashing all of that is emotionally draining to just think about.  If you know someone who is adopting, try to be sensitive to what they are going through.  Can you imagine if someone dropped a $30K to $40K bill in your lap and then told you that you had about 9 to 12 months to pay it?  I promise you that the questions of "why would you do that?" aren't helpful.  The statements of  "I can't believe you would even consider that" are hurtful.  When family and friends look at you like you have gone insane because you are bringing a child or a couple of children into your home that otherwise would live in a place you wouldn't even let your children walk into, it hurts!  It seems to me that those people who feel that way are the REASON orphans die in far away lands, in dark corners, hungry, lonely, and unloved!  God's plan for the orphans is YOU and ME!  We are all adopted people, God adopted us into His family, are we better than God?  Do these babies deserve any less than we do?

May I just ask this from those of you who are opposed to adopting...  Please, if you are against it, if you are afraid of it, just please be careful of what you say to the people who are doing it.  Please don't say such negative things to them, keep those opinions to yourself and then say them to God.  Maybe He will soften your hearts.

One last thing, if you have a heart for adoption, yet you can't bring children into your home for whatever reason, would you please consider finding someone who is able to bring children home and fund them?  God raises people up to be doers, and He raises people up to be funders, both get blessed in amazing ways, won't you consider giving an extra 10 or 20 bucks to those who are willing and able? 


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